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turtle neck Off-white shirt, gold necklace, orange Dior oversized Blazer, straight leg tailored trouser, burgundy bag bundled

Surprise Style Bundle

Meet my newest sensation: The Surprise Style Bundle! 


The Surprise Style Bundle is a mix of 5 curated Second Hand and Preloved items (clothes, shoes or accessories). Each bundle is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!


A unique product with timeless items with extraordinary good fabrics, cuts and most of times designer labels for the same or even cheaper prices as fast fashion. 


Thanks to the cosmic dance of factors like sizing, availability, and pricing, each bundle is a delightful surprise. No exchange, returns or refunds accepted.

This bundle is for those who love to be surprised. You just need to send some inspiration pictures, fill up the client form and voila! Now it's just a matter of waiting for your bundle to arrive and be happily surprised with my hand-picked personalised bundle for you.


Make sure when you fill out the form, to list everything you don’t like. Example: High heel, earrings, turtle neck sweater, something that you don’t feel comfortable using.


The pictures are merely illustrative (examples of a few Surprise Style Bundles for other clients).

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